“Come and see.”
(Jn 1:39)

“To the praise of the glory of God, Christ, the Father’s Word, has through the Holy Spirit, from the beginning chosen certain men, whom he willed to lead into solitude and unite to himself in intimate love.
In obedience to such a call, Master Bruno (“a man of always joyful countenance”) and six companions entered the desert of Chartreuse in the year of our Lord 1084 and settled there; under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they and their successors, learning from experience, gradually evolved a special form of hermit life, which was handed on to succeeding generations, not by the written word, but by example.” (Prologue to the Statutes of the Carthusian Order)


So the Carthusian adventure started. The key element is a small community of hermits on the model of the Lauras of Palestine in the 4th century. Gradually these communities were bonded into an Order with a Rule and general organization. In the Middle Ages Charterhouses were to be found throughout Europe. Despite the vicissitudes of the later centuries, the Carthusian Order is at present composed of 25 monasteries in 3 continents. A living tradition has been passed on without interruption from generation to generation. The goal is always the same: “That we may the more ardently seek, the more quickly find, the more perfectly possess God himself in the depths of our souls; and thus, with the Lord’s help, we may be enabled to attain to the perfection of love — which is the aim of our Profession and of the whole monastic life — and through it, to obtain beatitude eternal. ”
(Prologue, 4)

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbour as yourself.”
(Lk 10:27)


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